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Crafting your Path: Mission, Vision and Values

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Thriving with your productivity
empowers you to consistently
deliver your best

What if there were readily implementable, proven approaches and methods, centred in Business Management skills,  that ensured you remained consistently productive and reliably delivered, time and time again?

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Kate Macdonald
Founder and Director
Kadence Consultancy

​With over two decades of experience in business management, our founder Kate brings a wealth of expertise gained from key leadership roles. From serving as National Delivery Lead (part of Test and Protect, Scottish Government) to Risk Manager within the NHS, Kate's journey encompasses the private, public, and third sectors.


Her leadership consistently drives meaningful change in complex environments, proving her ability to navigate bureaucratic systems with ease

At Kadence Consultancy we:

  • specialise in problem-solving and create tailored solutions

  • focus on change management enabling us to develop processes and procedures that streamline operations and drive efficiency

  • excel in delivering business management and administration systems in even the most demanding environments

  • foster teamwork and cohesion, and thrive on pulling disconnected teams together to achieve common goals


  • empower new businesses to operate with the efficiency of multinational corporations from day one

  • help you harness the power of digital platforms to enhance their operations

Our ultimate goal is to create fully operational business management productivity systems

that allow you to confidently develop your services and products with the peace of mind

that your business management is running smoothly

At Kadence, we're here to partner with you on your path to success​

Let's craft your future together


Streamlining Operations


Implementing efficient business management processes and systems designed to minimise wasted time and resources, allowing you to focus on developing your businesses products/services.


Business Management Guidance

Practical guidance in business management skills, providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of running a business successfully.


Facilitating Growth

We help you develop a solid foundation for business growth through our tailored methods and support, you can confidently scale your ventures, whilst maintaining operational business management excellence.

Seasoned Professionals

Optimising Workflow

We will optimise your workflow through the implementation of efficient business management processes and systems.


By streamlining operations, you can maximise your productivity and focus on high-value tasks, leading to improved overall performance.


Enhancing Business Management Skills

We will coach and train you in business management skills, empowering you to navigate complex business challenges with confidence.


You will be equipped with the business management  knowledge and tools necessary to drive sustainable growth and success.


Facilitating Career Advancement

Through our comprehensive approach to business management, we will enable you to focus on developing your expertise with the peace of mind that your business management skills are honed allowing you to unlock new opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Newly Promoted

Skill Development

We help you to develop the essential business management skills required for success in your new leadership position.


Through targeted training in business management we help you hone your strategic thinking, decision-making, and communication skills, empowering you to effectively lead your teams and drive business growth.

Resource Optimisation

We enable you to optimise resources within your team and organisation, by implementing efficient business management processes and systems, to streamline workflows, allocate resources effectively, and maximise productivity.

We also work with you if you are starting out in your career or if you are having a change of career

Both are key pivotal moments in your life and we can teach you / hone

your business management skills to help you transition with confidence

Kadence Way

Business Management

Skills Courses

Productivity System


Associate Director

 Scottish Government

Kate has successfully established and managed the effective and efficient delivery of business management and administration systems in complex and pressured NHS corporate Directorates, across an NHS Board and nationally.
Kate's energy and willingness to balance support and challenge in the service of improved outcomes is impressive.
I recommend her without hesitation.

Medical Manager


I feel closer to "in control" of my work than I ever have before...I know what's there and
I now have a system I trust which will work to get me there...thanks for all your help...
genuinely life changing!

Senior Manager
Public Sector

Kate is an excellent listener and is able to identify needs from within a story – helping me decipher my focus was one of the biggest wins for me.
Ever patient and so enthusiastic – a life coach, feeling heard and understood.
This was good for me in identifying my goals, finding a way forward – the Kadence Way – the course is excellent.  I would thoroughly recommend
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