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Kate Macdonald
Found and Director | Kadence Consultancy

With this wealth of experience and expertise, Kate has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing her own business that specialises in a range of services aimed at enhancing personal, professional and business development.


Career Highlights

Private Sector:

After graduating with a BA Business Management Kate began her career in the private sector in an international Law Firm. This role’s beginnings came from Kate doing an internship with the Firm, where she was the first non-Law student to do so. Experience was gained in Corporate and Property Law departments, Marketing, Business Development and HR. During this phase of her career, Kate gained valuable insights into corporate culture, leadership, and effective management strategies.

Public Sector:

Transitioning into the public sector, Kate took on roles in the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland contributing to the development and implementation of policies and programmes of work aimed at improving public and health services. As Delivery Lead for one of the eight national Test & Protect Portfolio Workstreams, Kate used her business management and strong leadership skills to navigate complex bureaucratic systems and drive meaningful change in the public sector. This has set her apart as a dynamic and adaptable professional.

Third Sector:

Kate’s dedication to making a difference led her to the third sector, where she worked for an international non-profit organisation in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Here, she honed her skills in community engagement and fundraising, whilst utilising her business management skills to bring change to the systems and processes to increase productivity, within the HR Team and the Senior Management Team, where she supported Directors and the Chief Executive. Her passion for social causes allowed her to bridge the gap between the corporate and non-profit worlds.

Kate is a seasoned business professional with an impressive track record spanning over two decades. Her career has taken her through diverse sectors, including the private, public, and third sectors, where she has held key leadership positions.

Kate Macdonald
Founder and Director
Kadence Consultancy

Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching

Kate provides personalised life coaching sessions to help individuals define their Mission, Vision and Values, set goals, overcome obstacles, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Business Coaching

Leveraging her corporate and leadership experience, Kate offers business coaching services aimed at improving organisational efficiency, strategy development, and leadership skills.

Time Management

Kate assists individuals in bringing structure to their personal schedules, helping them prioritise tasks and achieve a better work-life balance, through the the use of digital tools.

Organisational Consulting
Productivity Enhancement

Kate specialises in boosting productivity through targeted coaching in email, task, document and diary management. 'The Kadence Way'.  She helps clients streamline their workflows and adopt efficient processes.

Kate also offers consulting services for businesses and individuals looking to bring order to chaos in their professional and personal lives. This includes optimising workflows, establishing effective systems, and implementing time-saving strategies.

My Approach

Kate's unique blend of experience across different sectors gives her a holistic perspective on personal and professional development. She is known for her empathetic and results-oriented coaching style, which has helped her clients unlock their full potential, both in their careers and personal lives. 

Kate believes in a collaborative approach to business management consulting and works closely with her clients to understand their needs and goals, and develop customised solutions that meet their unique challenges.


Our philosophy is based on the principles of productivity, efficiency, and client-centered service. We are committed to creating success through the use of innovative tools and techniques, such as a second brain and AI applications.


Contact Kate today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals and take control.

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