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Kadence Way

A transformative course that equips you with a new way of working that will skyrocket your personal and professional productivity, and where you will consistently deliver on your responsibilities 

"This was good for me in identifying my goals, finding a way forward – the Kadence Way – the course is excellent.  I would thoroughly recommend"

Built on our Founder's 20 year Business Management career, our flagship Course is designed and exclusively delivered by us
  • Teaches business management skills, using the digital landscape and building your Second Brain

  • Mastery of email, diary, task, and document management

The Course starts with where you are currently at, it is not a 'cookie cutter' approach.

​There is no judgement, only active listening and a drive to improve.

Operationalising the Kadence Way, gives you peace of mind and freedom to develop and grow, in the knowledge that business management  is seamlessly flowing

"I feel closer to "in control" of my work than I ever have before ... I know what's there and I now have a system I trust which will work to get me there...thanks for all your help...genuinely life changing!"

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Do any of these resonate?

Being Organised

I want to be organised, have everything under control, have plans for what is due and when...

Email Management

If I could just get a handle on my emails,  I would stop feeling so anxious and about missing something

Document Management

I spend so long trying to find files I have saved 'in that place, so I will remember', that when I do, I've lost the will!

Diary Management

It's my diary, I literally go from one meeting to the next, many times, not prepared, as I didn't have the time, and then worry I get asked something I can't answer.  In fact sometimes, I just can't face going at all

Time Management

Time and again I miss deadlines, I promise myself that the next time will be different, I won't have to work at the weekend to get it done....but I don't know what to

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