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Business Management Skills Courses with Kadence

Stepping forward into growth

Unlock your potential with our readily implementable, proven approaches and methods, based on our Founder's two decades of Business Management experience, which will see your productivity soar, regardless of industry or sector.


Our Courses are practical, designed to nurture your personal development and foster growth. 


Unlike many others courses, you will have the steps to implement your learning, rather than what can happen, where 'x' course was great, but how do you actually transfer the learning, to the day job!


You are an Entrepreneur, and are  starting a new business venture. Your skillset is wholly in the Service/Produce you are selling, but your Business Management skills are limited

Seasoned Professional

You have self-taught Business Management skills, which have allowed you to 'get by' over the years, but feel there must be a better way  

Newly Promoted

You are a newly promoted professional who finds themselves in a role that requires Business Management skills, and you want to ensure you deliver with confidence, but feel you are 'drinking from a firehose'! 

You may also be embarking on:

Starting your Career

You are at the beginning of your career, but lack Business Management skills and experience, and want to start as you mean to go on, in this area

Career Change

You are embarking on a career change, and you need strong Business Management skills to not only transition with confidence, but flourish, as well. 

Kadence Business Skills Courses

Business meeting

Efficient Secretariat:

Mastering Secretariat Management for both the Chairperson and Minutes Secretary

The Mastering Secretariat Management course is uniquely designed to equip both the Chairperson and Minutes Secretary* with comprehensive skills and knowledge essential for effective governance and organisational management.


No more having meetings, for meetings sake!


The Course is focussed on the three distinct areas; Pre, During and Post meeting.


We will delve into the intricacies of chairing meetings, including agenda setting, accountability of members, facilitating productive and focussed discussions, streamlining decision-making processes and ensuring that all members are clear on the decisions made and actions assigned.


The course also focuses on empowering Minutes Secretaries with techniques for working in partnership with the Chairperson, accurate note-taking, summarising discussions, producing concise meeting minutes. Essentially being empowered to always be one step ahead at the Pre, During and Post meeting stages.


Through practical exercises and case studies, you will develop proficiency in managing diverse meeting dynamics, fostering collaboration, and ensuring efficient communication channels within the secretariat.  


By the end of the training, you will be adept at optimising the functioning of the secretariat, enhancing productivity, and promoting transparency in organisational processes.​


This is truly a practical course, where you can easily embed your learning from get-go.​


*this workshop can also be delivered separately, for Chairperson and Minutes Secretary only​


Get in touch to find out more, including how to book:​​​

Process Mapping.jpeg

Process Mapping Mastery:

Streamlining Workflows and Standard Operating Procedures for Efficiency and Optimisation

This beginner-level course on Process Mapping covers the techniques for streamlining workflows and turning a 'dry' standard operating procedures into a 'living' document that will enhance efficiency and ensure that everyone is clear on their role/responsibilities in the workflow.  Additionally, the beauty of Process Mapping easily identifies where there are operational gaps., which can prove invaluable.


This is a practical course, where you will leave with a Process Map for your Team / Business / Organisation.​ You will learn fundamental concepts and practical strategies to map out processes effectively in any organisational settings.​


Process Mapping is the cornerstone for all roles and businesses, and as Kadence's Founder says, 'it's the secret to the success of the business'.  Truly!​​

(Can be delivered at an intermediate/advanced level and as a deep dive intensive Masterclass)


Get in touch to find out more, including how to book:​​​​​

Crafting your [your Team's] Path:

Defining Mission for Success

The course Crafting your Path will guide you through the process of defining  your mission, vision, and values for your own and/or your team's success.


This is a fun and highly participative workshop, where you will leave with a clear focus for the next 1-5 years (you choose the timeframe) being able to articulate a clear and inspiring path, with actionable goals and achievable steps that align to your next chapter.​


This is great for a Team, as well as for you as an individual, both professionally and personally.​


Get in touch to find out more, including how to book:​​​​​

Wheat Field

Coming Soon
Excelling as a Personal Assistant:
Mastering the Art of Support

This exciting Course, which is currently in development, is a passion-project for the Founder, Kate Macdonald.

Kate, started her career as a PA and has remained passionate about the role ever since, sparked ever more so when Kate became a senior manager and had a PA herself. 


She believes the role of the PA is very often misunderstood and under-utilised, by the 'manager' and so the focus of this Course is to equally empower you as a PA (or aspiring PA) and to ensure that you are seen as key player in the Team.

This practical Course is sure to be a popular one!

Work Desk
Hands Holding a Map

Coming Soon

Seamless Onboarding: ​

Empowering Success from Day One

This practical course, Seamless Onboarding, was borne out of the Founder's personal experience, when arriving on Day 1 of a new post, there being no onboarding process beyond the official HR email and a tour of the office.


No more!


This Course allows you to leave with an Onboarding Pack that not only will be your New Start's aide memoire, creating a welcoming and also efficient onboarding process, but will also ensure they are integrated into your Team / Business / Organisation quickly and effectively, to promote early and sustained success.​​

Coming Soon
Synergy in Collaboration: 

Maximising Productivity with your Personal Assistant

As a manager, your time is a precious resource, and maximising productivity is key. But what if there was a way to elevate your productivity to new heights, effortlessly navigating through your daily tasks with ease and efficiency?

Introducing "Maximising Productivity with Your Personal Assistant" – the ultimate course designed exclusively for managers who have a PA, but feel they are under-utilising them and not sure how to change this!


In this Course we unpack the secrets to harnessing the full potential of your PA, turning them into your ultimate productivity partner.

Our practical course goes beyond the basics, delving into advanced strategies for leveraging technology, optimising your time management, and cultivating a culture of productivity , not just with your PA, but within your team too.


Ideally this course with be with you PA, so that together you'll come away with a plan to reclaim your time, and emerge as a manager with more time and a PA, who thrives in their role.

Collaborating at Work
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